Guf Gt40 Paint


I am new to the site but i will just get right to the question. I was wondering if anyone knows the paint codes to chassis:1075,1074,1051 and also what paint shops do the most realistic gulf paint, i have noticed with some gulf cars that the front orange smile has different sizes and where the smile curves and some look more like the original than others. I was just wondering who makes the best paint job based on how much like the original chassis 1075 they look.

Thanks, Addison
Thanks for the paint codes, but i am still looking through threads for the most realistic paint shops. Im kinda picky when looking through pictures of 1075 replicas and notice that some of the orange front curve is different to the original car. Do you know any places that do the most realistic paint job.
Any paint shop can do it "realistic" as it just a matter if layout and masking. Give them proper photos to work from or do the masking yourself.

And remember that the gulf cars changed from race to race and the paint layout can vary dependent upon when a given photo was taken.
Thanks Rick for all the helpful info on the paints! : )
Do you have any recommendations for paint shops in the US? I kinda like the look of the modern 1075 as it sits now.
Accuracy of paint scheme would be dependent on the accuracy of the fiber glass panel its going onto. You will need to find some panels that are close to original.

many of the panels/molds have had changes made over time as the molds have been repaired or worn out. I'm not talking major changes but more a series of things over time.

Dave Hood

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RK Motors does great work, but I believe they only restore vehicles that they either own or are going to consign.
How accurate are the superformance mk1 pannels? And do you tdrivthe company Rare drive could do a good paint scheme close to original?
How accurate are the superformance mk1 pannels? And do you *think the company Rare drive could do a good paint scheme close to original?


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Any competent paint shop could replicate the Gulf livery if you provide them enough example images along with your specific preferences. I think the Gulf livery is a little over done and you should come up with something less replicated or better yet, your own bespoke livery :)
Thats a really good idea and i do agree that the gulf livery has been done many times before i just really like the front curve of 1075. But with Rk motors might not taking it i have been looking at a few different shops and i am still looking for recommendations from others?

And mike i love the way the white looks on your car, esspecially with the lights all lit up and the widebody!