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I need some help! After 5 trips to the paint store with paint codes in hand, I can't find a basecoat - clearcoat in PPG for the Gulf colors. I know this has been asked many times before but all the codes I have do not work. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif Any help would be appreciated.

I cant help you with PPG codes Simon,but the blue is called Triumph Powder Blue,and the Panel Number for it is 036259,this is a Standox code and the colour is available in 2K or Basecoat
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Powder blue (PPG 12163)
Topaz (orange) (PPG 60812)
Royal Blue for thin stripe between orange stripe and powder blue (PPG 13126)
Thanks for the quick responce. I have all those PPG codes along with some that were available for the early 70's Porsche 911. The problem I ran into is the guy at PPG said that those codes are only available in single stage Omini (used car paint) and would have to buy some , spray a sample and then he could scan it and come up with the basecoat clearcoat. Has anyone had to do this or did you just end up using the single stage paints.


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the early 70's Porsche Gulf is a much darker colour.....I have a can of it to match gelcoat colours too......more like a Repsol Honda blue than a Gulf blue we all know and love

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Hi Simon,

Here is the CAV Paint Code List for Standard, Gulf and Cobra (ex Shelby let's not go there) colours.

These are PPG tint bases and weights. I apologize to those I promised to post the codes for earlier, been a very busy boy lately. Glad to help out.



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OK guys...pullin up a year old string.....
I have gone to the paint supply store with three different options for the Gulf paint codes. This supply store is probably the most used paint supply source for the local body shops. I provided the following information:

Blue: PPG P030-8013 or 12163
Orange: PPG P030-3393 or 60812

I was told the orange is no issue, but the blue is not a current color in the PPG book.

Also, provided the color codes above, but apparantly the base colors are only available to PPG repair shop locations (some Global Installer system marketing thing they have). Don't understand the what's/why's of it, bottom line is the local paint supply store doesn't have the base (toner) numbers listed. However, if I knew the finish volume, the guy I deal with is willing to call a shop and have it mixed for me, but since he isn't the one doing it, wants to eliminate all risk. Therefore wanted me to find out what the mixed volume is. He speculated based on the gram counts that is was a quart to quart and a half.

CANUK40: Do you know what the finished/mixed volume is?

Last Q on the topic: I found a blue that looks extremely eye anyway. It is PPG 13588 Skylight Blue (Chrysler color from 70s). Anyone know of a way to view this color on line?