Gurney Westlake rocker covers wanted

Chris Kouba

I've purchased Tornado products twice, one of which was the rocker covers to go in my non-Tornado GT. In the end, I didn't use them due to header clearances but they seemed to be pretty quality to me. I sold them locally and saw them installed- looked great and worked fine.

I was very happy with both purchases (defroster grate was the other one).

Rick Muck- Mark IV

GT40s Sponsor
Rick do you still have some Gurney rocker covers available?
Yes, we have one pair of Gurney Weslake covers available.

We will not have any more of either style as the tooling costs are unworkable for the volume of sales.

We have negotiated a license agreement with AAR, but are not executing it. AAR was VERY generous with the terms, and they are NOT the reason we are not going forward. Justin and Kathy were very fair after we contacted them to ask about a license. We will not continue to trade on their intellectual property without their permission. Others may choose to do so, but having had our I.P. "borrowed" by someone, we understand that people who trade on another's I.P. are no different than porch pirates or smash and grab gangs.

The set of covers we have been produced some time ago by another party who has supplied them to us. His foundry broke/lost/ sold the patterns and new ones would be required.

Please PM me for details