Happy Birthday Bill


Your built was the one inspired me to check on a GT40 replica to build.
I almost had decided to go for a FFive Daytona coupe and if it wasn´t for a post of yours on FFCOBRA.com i wouldn´t knew about RCR.

Thanks for that and all the inspiration you gave to me.

All the best to you

Thanks Tom!
It's been a great birthday so far. My son made me waffles for breakfast and my wife is taking me out to dinner. Wish we could take the GT but it's down for a minor repair.


Bill!!! :drunk:

Waffles!!! :drunk:

Dinner!!!! :drunk:

Doesn't get any better..

Have a good one.... :)

Randy V

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Happy belated birthday my friend...

I hope you and your family had a great Sunday!!!

Like Tom - It was Bill's posts about his RCR40 that swayed me to the notion that I should build one. I was going to build a GTM because I thought a GT40 was unattainable - at Bill's suggestion, I came over here to GT40s and learned about all the manufacturers. I vacillated back and forth between an RCR and one made in UK - I was just about to pull the trigger on the UK one when I took one last look at Bill's build thread and saw a helpful post from Fran when I made my final decision.

Bill's posts have been very helpful to me.. Over the years we've become good friends.. Thank you!!!