Hartwell Latches To Fit CAV

Original and repop latches with word "press" etc won't fit on a CAV...at least not on the front because front latch is smaller than the rear. Any CAV guys out there find a way to use original style Hartwells all the way round?
I was told by an ERA owner that they used a smaller latch. Dont know if thats true though.
But otherwise can you not increase the recess size on the bodywork to suit the correct latch?
I have original latches if required.
Good luck either way
The original cars used a shorter latch in the front and longer in the rear. The CAV cars...at least the post-100 versions...supposedly match this disparate pattern. Some shaving of the latch recess could be performed to fit the same longer ones all the way round..but the car is finished and painted...so this would be a pain. I see that GT40s Gold Parts offers both sizes (not sure of the price though). I will send you a PM. Thanks for the response.