HCF Re-Introduction!

HCF - John

Gearbox / Brake Systems
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It's been about a year and a half since we were last regularly active on GT40s. We got our start with the HCF Autosport business back in 2016 serving this community and its Graziano L140 needs. It's been a busy couple years that's brought a lot of growth at HCF, so we're taking the opportunity to do a re-introduction!

We are a 5 person team that's headquartered in Austin, Texas and supports a couple different products and end users via HCF Autosport (drivetrain), HCF Brake Systems (brakes) and HCF Services (hypercar manufacturer support) businesses.

Our Managing Director is Price Cobb who's enjoyed a storied career as a professional race car driver - https://database.motorsportmagazine.com/database/drivers/price-cobb
In addition you have myself (John), a professional motorsports data engineer (Alex), a professional gearbox technician (Ron) and dedicated logistics support (Jeremy).

HCF Autosport (www.hcfautosport.com) was our first endeavor and involves drivetrain modification. We've expanded this area to include factory distributorships for Graziano and CIMA and high performance parts manufacturing for a range of specialty gearboxes. In addition to factory-new OE replacements, we offer custom gears, gearbox controllers, gearbox components, R&P's, differentials, clutches and custom axles are supplied by this business. We operate a turnkey modification service for several high performance OE platform tuners that outsources all aspects of gearbox modification to HCF. We've recently signed agreements with several leaders in certain models to carry our products - so if you also own a Ferrari, Aston Martin, McLaren, Porsche or Lamborghini it is likely you will see HCF drivetrain products featured in the near future.

HCF Brake Systems (www.hcfbrakesystems.com) was created in 2020 to deliver Surface Transforms' carbon ceramic rotors to the North American, South American and Asian markets and to support custom caliper needs of the hypercar market. These rotors have been supplied as OE fitment on every Koenigsegg model for roughly the past 10 years, the upcoming Aston Martin Valkyrie hypercar, 55 of the 85 McLaren Senna's and many of the small production hypercar manufacturers.

HCF Services is our small manufacturer / hypercar support business. Similar in nature to the Autosport business' Turnkey Program, just expanded to service the unique needs of this segment.

We are launching coverage of a couple new items in the Autosport business that will directly relate to owners of vehicles in the GT40s space. Stay tuned!