Hello from a german freshman

Hello to all of you out there in the GT40 land.
I am a freshman here, trying to get my own GT40 on the road over here in Germany before I grow to old to get in and out of such a car, looking redicilous.
Needless to say I don't have a GT40 yet, but working on it.

I am sure I'll get strong help here as I have been reading a lot of comments and great suggestions given in a quiet and knowledgable way which makes this forum different from others.

By the way, I wish everyone a Happy New Year with at least a couple of inches of asphalt or gravel under each wheel.


Paul Hendrickx

Germany has also a good Gt40 club...... I discovered this during Spa six hours this year.
and.... happy new year....

Ron Earp

Welcome to the forum Stefan! I work for a German company and am in the Offenburg/Ortenberg area several times per year. Beautiful country!


Stefan, I graduated from high school in Frankfurt so I know that area pretty well. The Rhine from Mainz to Koblenz is a nice area. You are not that far from the Nurburgring!
Hallo Stefan.
Ich bin auch am Thema GT40 mehr als oberflächlich intressiert. Bin aus der Ecke Bad Münstereifel. Es wäre wohl keine falsche Idee mal so eine Art Intressengruppe Deutschland zu organisieren, um sich gegenseitig etwas zu unterstützen und aus zu tauschen. In Deutschland warscheinlich fast das wichtigste GTs aus dem Ausland hier eine wasserdichte Zulassung zukommen zu lassen. Die meisten angebotenen Fahrzeuge sind hir wohl aus Belgien, England und Frankreich. USA ist wohl wegen transport und Einfuhrkosten fast raus?

Gruß Harry