Hello from Edinburgh

Been a member since 2009, and this is my first message (had to get my message count up to 1 so I could send a couple of PM's)

I've just finished rebuilding a 89 911 Carrera. Contemplating a GT40 kit as my next project.
Just noticed that the Azerbaijan flag is showing in my profile. I must've been bored one day when working there in 2009 when I joined this forum!
That's what I did too, sold my 89 3.2 to build the GT40, good luck...
Hi Paul, problem is I'm too attached to the 3.2.to sell it. It will be a family heirloom for use on sunny days. My other toys are a BMW Z4MC, and a Cavalon Autogyro. Some piccies attached to see if I can work this forum.
That's a sweet looking autogyro, although you've got as much chance getting me up in one of those as my mate has getting me up in a glider i.e NONE! Welcome to the madhouse Mike.
Wellcome Mike, another "potential" builder north of the border!
Feel free to come and look at mine as the build progress, still early days yet. It may help push you over the edge !