Hello from Florida

Thanks for letting me join. I don't have a GT40 yet :) but I am in the hunt for one. I used to be a true blue Ford guy. Back n the 70s I had Mustangs GTA, Machs, and even a 68 500KR in my single Navy days (that would spin up the restorers what I did to it back then for street racing :) ). Then life happens but I did have a Superformance Cobra from 98 to 07, even took it on parts of 3 different Hot Rod Power Tours, so my cars have to be driven. I have finally retired from working various launch, and satellite tracking sites, and I am enjoying life. Right now I am all over the place on various cars. I have a 70 AMX survivor that we have put a 5 spd, and AC, and have done parts of 2 different Hot Rod Power Tours, an ex drag V8 panel Vega, that I have made it street legal and have fun taking it to shows around San Jose. In the shop I am working on a 33 Ford, with a blown Chrysler 392 Hemi, then sitting patiently is a 56 Ford Victoria, that I will turn it into a Gasser, with some kind of LS for power. But a GT40 has always been at the top of my dream list. I have pretty much narrowed down my choice to a CAV ( I let one slip by back in 08) with a wide body. As an ex Superformance owner, I am well aware of SPFs quality, and I have sat in a friends, and Lance has tried to sell me one in CA :) but I do have a budget :)

Randy V

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Hi Mike,

Welcome to GT40s.com ...
Sounds like a lot of fun projects! One of mine happens to be a 33 Ford Tudor..