Hello From the St. Louis Area

Been lurking for a while and following various build logs to learn. Been wanting to build a GT40 for many years and I think this might be the year to get started on the journey. Mostly 60's Mustangs and early Ford street rods in my past. Never built a rear engine car and fiberglass novice so trying to get as much advance knowledge as possible before jumping in. Been looking at AP and RCR, but need to take some trips to their shops to look at their kits in more detail. Lead times look fairly long after ordering. Anyone from St. Louis building one or already built one?

Brian Kissel

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Welcome to GT40S Chris. You are in my opinion doing things correctly by desiring to visit builds in your area, and planning on visiting the manufacturer’s facility. Reading others build threads will give you lots of insight on ideas for your build and also their experience with the manufacturers.
Enjoy the forum !!
Regards Brian

Randy V

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Welcome to the GT40s forum Chris! Brian's given you good advice! If at all possible, it's a GREAT idea to meet the manufacturers face to face and see their products first hand.