Hello World, err GT40s World

Hello all,

I'm joining to become part of the community while learning more about GT40's and prepare myself for a build. I'm leaning towards an RCR kit, but who knows?

I come from a long SBF powered history (and parts lol). The GT40 has been a childhood dream I've never grown out of. As far as interesting side vehicles, we also have a 5.0 powered 1963 Mercedes 220Sb.

Happy to be here - I'll be lurking about///
Terry Oxandale, wow! You spoke to me at length on the phone once in the mid 90's after I read a magazine article about your Z. I even got your info package/guide. Man, the old days... Money orders, snail mail, and actual paper diagrams and printed documents! You're a real gentleman who is very generous with knowledge and patience, thanks for that and being a genuine car guy role model.
Welcome to the site. I'm confident our members can answer any questions you have. Good luck with your dream.