Hello Everyone,

I am the owner of Polak Graphics. I design custom high quality apparel and decals to promote rx8club.com and rx7club.com; I have also done custom work for other clubs. I was referred here by a member of your club. He told me it is next to impossible to find quality apparel or club decals for any year/model of the GT-40.

I have read your forum rules and I am not here to sell anything yet. If there is enough interest, I would be more than glad to throw together some designs and sign up as a vendor.

I am currently redesigning my whole website, but if you would like to check it out, the site is: PoLaK Graphics- Automotive Graphic Design and Beyond

Please post in this thread if you would be interested in high quality club apparel and decals.


Hey guys and gals,

I'm aware of this guy and he can do some quality work if he gets enough business interest. I don't know about the rest of yous but I've found it very difficult to find GT40 stuff online that is quality. (I'm referring to T-shirts, shirts, and hats etc) I've bought two T-Shirts from two different company's and while they are OK they are not the quality one would expect for GT 40 owners. I've had him do some decals for me before on an RX-7 and he came through with just what I wanted and it was of very good to high quality. He's a young eager guy with what appears to be a very strong entreprenurial spirt. You gotta love that!
Jim, thanks for the kind words! I hope the club members do take interest in this. I would love to expand my business to such a prestigious car enthusiast club. By the way, I went to the doc last Friday. Turns out I tore a muscle in my shoulder and it affected my neck, back, and right arm. The doc's got me drugged up on Percocet and Feldene. I'm out of the gym for at least 2 weeks. Fun times...
Id be interested in your caliper stencils. Are they heat / weather resistant?

Obviously RX7 or RX8 stencils wouldnt work on my car! Can you make some to say AGT?
Jason, thanks!

Richard, yes they are heat/weather resistant up to 5-8 years. Just don't wash them directly with a pressure washer ;). I can make AGT caliper decals, I would just need the dimensions of the caliper from you (LxH.) Do you have an image I can go off of?
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Div, Sorry to hear about aches and pains. Never fun. Should give you more time to work on some great ideas for the T-shirts and stuff. :) Hope you feel better soon.