Help Identify Replica GT40

Hi Mark, I think a Kellison GT40K is a good guess with some nice mods. It could also be a T-3/LA Exotics/LoneStar Classics car, which were close but had some different dimensions. I make the headlight covers for both types. If you could measure the length and width of the headlight bucket opening, I could tell which car it is. Just email the measurements to me at: [email protected]

Mark Clapp
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Looks like a Kelison but it could be a KVA - mine is a KVA.

Does the engine mount in the back requiring a transaxle?

I hope you can get it at a good price. Make sure it has all the frame and suspension components!

Mark ,
I will need a set of headlight covers about mid January for my GT40K. Save me a set I am about 10 hours from you in NW Louisiana. Interstate20 and Interstate 49.
Jim Kellison , RIP designed the GT40K like the original GT40s so it is 2 inches longer in the front than the racing GT40. i.e. 167" instead of 165". Ford shortened it before production as the car was lifting at 160 mph. The wheelbase is 95" as in the 40. The frame is square tube. The headlights in Mark from CA look like mine as do the doors. Everything else looks modified. The easiest way to tell would be the frame has Kellison number on the pass rear top close to the tranny mount. Also the windshield support for the 65 Corvair windshield is a round piece of steel that goes half way down the cowl inside. The built in dash is unlike any other. I do not like the Corvair tail lights in the real GT40 so I am going with some big Lucas red and orange round ones. I don't care for the L.door handles so I will go a different route with that also. Mine wont be Petty blue , probably Silver as my wife hates yellow. I sure miss Carroll Shelby as he was fun to talk to. His place in East Texas looks like a farm in Cork , Ireland. Rolling hills , animals and birds everywhere.


I think that the Kellison GT40 replicas were patterned after the original prototype big block cars GT106 and GT107. They had extended nose sections that were thought at the time to help with air stream penetration.


I think it is an L.A. Exotics. I had one of those bodies many years ago and it was identical to yours. I think the molds later went to T-3