Hi guys, Tornado TS40

Hi everyone, just bought a nearly finished TS40, need to finish the electrics and secure body panels and spray, then get road-legal (IVA/SVA), will speak to you all via the threads.

Welcome, KM. We look forward to seeing photos as you complete the car. Anything you need you'll find here. BTW I was just in Belfast a few months back. My fathers side of the family is from your area. Great city and believe it or not the sun was out as I visited the Titanic Museum etc. A great day.

Tim Kay

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Welcome Keith, everything you need can be found here. I've had my TS40 for over 10 glorious years.:eek: :thumbsup:
Feel free to contact me anytime.



Jimmy, glad you liked Belfast and hope you enjoyed the Titanic Museum.
Hi Keith and welcome, My grand mother was from Bel fast, I just sold a racebike(250 EMC Rotax to Liam Quinn) should be shipping it to him next week , one of these days I would like to visit over there, my mom lives in Bangor, North Wales, all the best and happy ST Paddys day, Neville Nesbitt.

Andy Green

Hi Keith,
welcome to the forum. I'm getting very close to finishing my TS40 (it should be IVA'd this year) and the issues I had fiiting the body are covered in my build log (Norfolk Tornado, around page 13)

Thanks, am reading your diary/log with interest, like the way you guys improve the design with your own creativity; only had the car a week and am still a bit frozen with stage fright,..... not sure where to start. I naively thought, you just put all the bits together, which fit and eventually you end up with a car! Having read some of the logs, I see there is much room for my own ideas.

Hi Andy

the previous owner wanted to remain anonymous. Anyway I have taken on the mantle of responsibility to get this Tornado-Baby on the road,.... I hope I can still approach you for help and advice?