High level wing mount - GT40

I'm pretty sure this car was for sale recently, so hoping someone can help with a pic or two. I'm looking for details on how these wing mounts were attached to this car's chassis or transaxle.

Just wondering if it was a quick release system to allow easier access to the engine bay.

Engine bay pics of this car would be great. Wasn't it originally built with the Ford GT spec V6?


Larry L.

Lifetime Supporter
You probably already know this, but, Superformance built the "Future GT40".
I'd contact them for specifics.
They undoubtedly could simply sell you one of those wings - mounts and all.
Whether or not they would is another question. ;-)
Thanks Larry. I have the wing, I'm just looking at ways to attach the mounts to the trans or chassis.

No point reinventing the wheel :)