FS USA Hoosier R6s 275-50-15s, Four Sticker Tires

Ron Earp

Four brand new Hoosier 275-50-15 R6 tires. Perfect for your GT40 or Lola, DOT race tires. These four were purchased for the VIR 13 hour but never used. The ultimate for stick on your track day ride, short of slicks. New they are right at $270 each, with around $30 each for the shipping.

I'll sell them for $230 each shipped to your door in the lower 48, shipping UPS ground, or $920 for the set. Do your car a favor and try some real tires.



Tim Kay

Lifetime Supporter
A.J., I run the 275\50r15 rear and 245\50r15 front. For some that may be a tad wide for the front but I have no rubbing issues.

Ron Earp

Ron - What would be the comparable matching front tire size for the 40? A.J.
As Tim said, 225 or 245. We ran 225s on the Lola and as detailed on the site the car performed very well. We used 225s instead of 245s for one reason - 225-45-15s are exactly what our cars use in SCCA ITS so we had lots of take offs and new tires about most all of the time.
Thanks guys. I remember Tim had said these were real sticky and, if used on the street, had a tendency to pick up smaller pebbles but were the real deal for track use. I'll have to clearances as I had a rubbing issue which Ron @ Metalmorphous cured for the tire set I have now.