How many gt40's were produced?

How many gt40\'s were produced?

How many cars were produced and what were the production #'s for each year?
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Thats a pretty tough question to answer, because it depends as little upon what you call a GT40, and also a number of cars appeared in different guises.... but....

There were 12 of the original GT's... numbered GT/101 to GT/112 (are these a 40 or not?)

Then there were 85 MkI's from 1001 to 1085, and 8 cars with no chassis number, which were later allocated 1086 and 1108 to 1114.

A number of the original GT's received body changes to look like MkI's

There were also 2 cars built by Alan Mann racing, given numbers AM.GT40.1 and AM.GT40.2

The GT40 Mk2 is a little more complicated...

FAV built 2, GT/106 and GT/107, and then changed the designation to Mk2A. They built 8 Mk2A's in '66, and then rebuilt 5 of them as Mk2B's in '67. They also supplied 3 Mk2B's to Alan Mann racing, which never had a Ford Chassis number, but were allocated XGT1 to 3.

Only 7 Mk3's were built GT40M3/1101 to 1107

Then the Mk4...also refered to as the J-Car
12 of these were built, J-1 thru J-12

There are also a few close relatives..

3 MkI chassis were built, and converted into M1's numbered M/10001 to 10003

And finally...

the Mk5.... all the spare parts, incomplete chassis' etc were sold to JW Automotive, who used them to build the Mk5...

There is also of course the Holman & Moody...
H&M built and prepared some of the Shelby 40's, and were given license to produce cars carrying the GT40 Moniker.... 'real' 40?... depends upon your view...

So.. hope that answers your question.... complex isn't it!


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Check out a book by Trevor Legate titled "Ford GT40, Production and Racing History" from Veloce Publishing in the UK. It contains a wealth of info on all the chassis.

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"There were only 105 original GT 40s built, all 250 survive today!"

There is a "gray area" as to what makes a GT40 an original. As many chassis' were replaced after racing accidents and cars were "reconstructed" I would have a hard time calling any car "genuine" without a detailed, complete, TRUTHFUL history. Some cars such as Bill wonders 103 have no doubts about their pedigree, other are a little bit mongrel.

Some consider Safir cars as "genuine" others say if it did not come out of FAV/JWA Slough it is not a'40.

I think your opinion will be firm if you are about to put down 2 or 300 large for an "original"

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Thanks for the information, I am going to autocross the car and the organizer said he didn't know if I could run as the GT40 wasn't a production car. I just need real #'s to convince him otherwise.
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Wayne, I sent you an email with some info out of one of David Hodges book that should help clear the air of how many of what model were built. Let me know if it doesn't come thru. I would have posted it on the forum but I am not sure of how that is done.
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I would assume that you should be able to run in A Modified, but would have a hard time being competitive. You could try taking him some of the books and take your pamplet from CAV showing the turnkey minus cars that are available, etc.