I have written a book !

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Need a bit of help please
My book is launched April 24 in the UK

I would like to publicise it on this Forum but I am not sure of the form so I don't upset anyone

It is a charity project 118 pages/35,000 words/masses of photos
Many stories of life 1972-75 with 1005.

I await advice !



please bring some books along to FORC. I definitely want one with your signature on it !!!

There was a good post on the TenTenths site about you and the book.

See you soon,


such a shame you could not get to the Peter Baldwin event. The earliest I could find us three racing together was 1972 !!!!!!!!!!

You were missed that night by many of the audience.
Michael... I always enjoyed your stories of old on your website and Autosport forum.. especially about the blonde in the Ferrari! Good luck with your book.. Andrew
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