I like to drive a hot car.....

But not this hot......

I had an interesting experience the other evening. Arrived home from work around 6:30 and pulled into my driveway, hit the garage opener button and was just about to pull into the garage when I heard a loud "boom" from under the hood of my mercedes S600 (V12). Almost immediately huge amounts of smoke and flame started coming out from under the hood. I jumped out, established I wasn't on fire as well, and then called 911.

In short, the front end of the car burned up really, really quick with flames going about 10 feet in the air and huge clouds of smoke. The fire dept. had it out after a lot of dousing, but man, that car burned hot. I guess I wasn't totally surprised since I was always aware that engine put out a ton of heat under the hood. That heat makes fuel lines and such brittle and crack over time. I really liked that car, fantastic driving car, very comfortable, tons of power.

After the dust settled for a couple days I started looking for another business car to replace it with. I guess I should stay away from buying another S600 because of the heat problem under the hood right? So what do I buy? Another S600 but this one a little newer and with freaking twin turbos on it! Instead of 400hp, the new one has 600hp. Oh my, the heat, the insanity.

Anyone want a really crispy mercedes low rider?


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Larry L.

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You were very fortunate indeed. This is one of those situations wherein things REALLY could have been worse.

Imagine having parked the car in the garage and then, say, having walked over to your neighbors for a 'chat' before the thing blew! Or, far worse yet, having gone inside your house and gone to bed!

'Hope you bought a lotto ticket or two later that same evening...