Identifying my CAV.

Can someone here help me identify my CAV, ?. I bought it in 2010 from a Danish insurance company as a burned out wreck (without a vin number), exported from USA some years before 2010.
Regards: Jonny


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Jonny, CAV maintains a database of their cars including color and owner - you may be able to track it down that way. Contact them through the website and they'll no doubt try to help - good folks.
I is one of the very first CAV built cars using a copy of the GTD chassis. IF you were to try rebuild this car do not use any of the suspension components ( I have a list of major faults on these units ) and replace the chassis. If you go any further talk to Mick Sollis of SouthernGT , he had several chassis from CAV when they gave up the spaceframe for the Stainless Mono cars, and I am sure he can advise you.
Jonny, based on the pictures is there anything left to rebuild? If the frame, suspension, interior, wiring and body work are gone, what's left.
Wow, sad end for this car ! Do you know what happened to set it on fire ? And I wonder too if there's anything salvageable ... Maybe the engine and gearbox ?
Well actually there is a lot of parts that can be reused, but since I want a monocoque, almost no parts will intercange, exept for the wheels, Weber intake and coilovers perhaps.

I think it was a leak from a hose to the carbs that started the fire. Very sad for the car of cause, but on the other hand, the fire was also my entry to the GT40.