Bill, I think you under estimate California's ability to pass and enforce laws. Nothing coming out of gonzo land could, would, or should surprise anyone. There are rumors that Cali wants to secede from the union. If it were only true!

Bill Kearley

Speaking of California, I haven't seen any RIP's re Lee Iacocca, I felt he was a mastermind in the automotive industry.
The big problem with people leaving is that when they move they bring their dumb *** ideas with them. My state, Arizona, was a good place to live until all the Calli's invaded in the mid 2000's. Now we elect socialists to the Senate. God help us. Oh wait a minute, I can't say that anymore!

Randy V

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Federal Law may end up trumping (can we say that?) this law. It was not so long ago that a lawsuit that went to the Supreme Court which forced John Deere (et al) to allow people to work on their own equipment without penalty (loss of warranty, support etc.)...
While this is not directly relative to the subject at hand here, it does show that there is at least some interest on the part of the highest court in the land...
A number of friends and family live in CA. None of them are happy with the way things are going there these days but are not in financial positions to do anything about it...

Larry L.

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Unless Sacramento County Commissars ('not misspelled) can see into the garage of every gearhead within their jurisdiction, good luck enforcing that.

If that law were to be enacted all over the country it would obviously mark the end of the entire car hobby AND ALL THE JOBS/BUSINESSES/TAX REVENUE CONNECTED TO IT.

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Bill Kearley

All is good Walt, just make the font bigger
I think the Cally politicians have have been learning from the meat heads running Kitimat.