Insurance before Car is Complete

I thought I would share what I think is a success story. I did a bunch of searching and reading on the forums about the insurance issues and trying to find insurance before it is a "real" car. Tried some of the companies and leads that others had, after striking out with my company (Farmers).

Farmers (and apparently almost all others) have specific exemptions where they don't cover "automobile parts" on homeowners policies. Furthermore don't even offer riders (like for Jewelry and such) where they can be covered separately.

After going down the road with Farmers, American National, Travelers and a couple of different insurance agents (including my normal guy) and not finding anything to cover "automobile parts". "Automobile parts" being what they term a vehicle that is not able to be registered and titled. My agent found a company called Burns and Wilcox. They are apparently underwritten through Lloyds of London, and provide collectables policy which will insure auto parts as a standalone policy. Just completed everything yesterday and I am good to go. My insurance agent noted that this rider is comparable to the normal home policy riders (in the range of $10 per thousand insured).

So maybe this helps someone.
Shannons Insurance have me covered with what i'm building.
its covered whilst its in parts in my workshop or even if I move it to another business shop or another friends workshop to help with completing the project.

Rick Merz

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Almost all home owners insurance companies will insure the "parts" of your kit car while it is being assembled. If you have $100K in parts then you would increase the "contents" portion of your home insurance by the $100K to cover the "parts" should there be a loss. This is usually accomplished by increasing the ratio of house to furniture / contents replacement ratio.