I found this forum while researching the Superlite SL-C.

As a longtime Porsche racer, I had been considering moving up to a GT3 Cup car but the thought of spending $40 thousand on an engine rebuild or $25 thousand on a transmission rebuild every few years was causing me some sleepless nights.

Recently I saw my first Superlite while racing at NJMP. After talking with that team and subsequently visiting the RCR factory in Michigan, I am sold on building an SL-C race car. Paying $8 thousand for a 525 hp LS376 sounds a hell of a lot better than spending 5 times that on a Porsche powerplant.

I hope to start my build after the new year and look forward to documenting it for all of you.

Welcome to the fold! I think you'll find that the SLC is far less expensive- and faster!- than a Cup car.

You are semi-local to a great bunch of SLCs in the Mid Atlantic, so it will be easy to call on local owners for support when that time comes.