IR EFI Induction C302B Heads 9.2 Windsor


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This is a custom IR EFI induction system for 9.2” deck Windsor style block with high port C302B heads. It is low profile and will comfortably fit under the hood of most passenger cars with filter assemblies. Years ago I made a few dozen such systems and the tooling to cast these high port intakes. Recently, one of the intakes found its way back home to me and I completed the system below. This particular intake has an integral water neck. It also has the Cleveland rear valley land cast on the underside so would seal on a Cleveland block and could be trimmed to accommodate.

The intake runners are step-over CNC ball end milled to match the 50mm throttle body openings and transition to the C302B Port size (1 5/16”wide x 2 1/8” tall) and position. Though the ports are presently matched to early C3/C302B Ford high port heads, there is enough stock in the lower runner walls to be ported to A3 head width (1 ¾” wide) and accordingly can accommodate B3 heads as well.

This system is configured as follows:

· Weber IDA mounting pattern 50mm throttle bodies with o-ring seal to intake flange and velocity stacks.
· Velocity stacks 1.5” tall.
· Filter assemblies, anodized aluminum ball end mill engraved as shown, natural aluminum in color, with 2”tall washable K&N filters. These filters remove as an assembly with two wing nuts while retaining the filter element.
· Fuel rails and mounts. These take -6 straight thread O-ring boss AN fittings on each end.
· Linkage wheel mounted in sealed ball bearings and Teflon lined rod ends on link arms. Also uses Kinsler spring screw connectors to prevent binding due to thermal growth and angular misalignment. This linkage produces nice progressive action for good off idle and low speed resolution. Each bank of TBs counter-rotate with the low side of the butterfly on each bank on the valley side of the intake to promote symmetric flow in each bank. Each bank of TBs has an idle and full open adjustable stop.
· Vacuum plenum and lines to each runner are included with a -6AN port on the plenum so you can run a line to a MAP sensor for typical speed density ECU control scheme.
· Ships in the plastic tote

Needed to complete installation:

· Add fuel injectors and sensors. Borla offers a D-shaft drive TPS (2900-3040) that bolts up to the end of the front passenger side TB. Note the PN specifies the butterfly opening CCW rotation for voltage increase to accommodate this induction system as configured.
· Adapt an accelerator cable and return spring scheme to interface with linkage wheel on the intake.
· Add fittings for fuel delivery and return lines.
· EFI compatible fuel delivery system and preferred ECU.
$4500 delivered UPS Ground in continental US.


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