Is an i terior worth the weight?

Ok so like many Im in the planning stages of my slc. Ive decide that Ill go with the new coyote 5.0 motor, and figured out some of the options I want but its the interior that stumps me. This car would be primarily a track car but I want it to be streetable for the ocassional car show or cruise. Now part of me wants to have a full interior so I can call it a supercar, but the other part of me wants to leave it as light a possible for the track? Now Im stuck. Is there a way to create an interior without all of the weight? Id probably leave out the ac and lots of the daily driver crap but the kid inside me wants a supercar, but the man in me wants a track car. It wont be in any nasa or other events so I think my only requirements for track days are cage and fire supression system. I may throw in a hps because im prone to gettig lost :p love to hear from someone who has done an interior, decided against it, or anyone with an oppinion! Thanks!
The red car I was watching over for a while had AC, stock seats and some carbon bits- and that was about it. It was fine for the street from the looks perspective if you were going for the bare, racer look. But any car you drive on the street will need more insulation and sealing, and that will be very visible, which is one reason a more complete interior might be a good idea.

Just some simple carpet will go a long way, and doesn't weigh much.
IMO, the only thing that really adds much weight in a typical interior is if you load up on heavy noise barrier products. I can't see a couple yards of vinyl and a couple strips of carpet making massive changes in you track lap times. I mean, if you're planning on actually racing the thing and it matters to you if you beat the next guy by a few clicks, then it will be harder to justify the weight.....but if you're just going to do track days where you're not really racing competitively, I'd definitely put in some carpet and such.
If you're just doing track days, then I'd still go for comfort. Noise can be somewhat wearing, so I would put sound deadening material in, despite the weight. I'm sure that it'll still be plenty fast enough to scare you.
Since tone and body language do not come across well on forums, I assure you I am asking this in the nicest way.

Do you have the driving skills that you would ever notice? Would a couple of hundred pounds be the difference between awesome and awful for you?

I'd put in a comfortable interior.
Buy two, one bare bone's and one loaded for the street, problem solved :)
Also I remember reading something about the Coyote engine not being an option as it won't fit can someone confirm this?
No interior here, you don't need it - my cobra I was initially going to go unupholsetered but I eventually did because having all those rivetted aluminum panels looked like of lame (unfinished).

Here, I have no qualms leaving it open - it suits the look of the car fine and makes it look more genuine/racey. Plus it makes it easier to work on the car. Plus you can easily poke your head everywhere and look for leaks :D
Yes the coyote engine should fit as it is not any bigger than the other modular motors as I am palnning a 4V 5.4L, it may need a few adjustments which can be handled if you have the motor and transaxle fitted by Fran an his guys.

I plan on doing a interior on our build as it will see more street than track time. With that being said though it will still be rather basic. To enjoy the car on the street even on short drives you will want some type of sound deadner and heat shield on the firewall and floor.

It all depends on what you are looking for and wanting out of the car after it is built.
Yes the coyote engine should fit as it is not any bigger than the other modular motors as I am palnning a 4V 5.4L, it may need a few adjustments which can be handled if you have the motor and transaxle fitted by Fran an his guys.

I think it had to do with the width? the coyote is wider up in the head area unless Fran has a fix ??? I don't remember but it was discussed in another thread some time ago.
The Coyote fits just fine....the issue becomes apparent when you start building the exhaust system...the width of the heads points the ports down quite abruptly....not really a major issue just a little tougher than an LS package..

NO factory superchargers though.....not a chance...
It's a shame FRPP doesn't make a version of this one anymore that hangs under the manifold in the valley

Thanks for all of the imput guys! Ill keep thinking it over, and I'm still ways away from needing an interior, but I like to be as prepared as I can before major investments. I'm not sure whether or not I would notice a difference in a few hundred pounds with my current abilities, but thats why I'm thinking ahead. It doesn't hurt to keep weight off for the hell of it. Maybe Ill wait till I build the car efore deciding what to put inside. Ill have to ride in one without an interior and see if I want any sound deadening or interior pieces. Thanks again everyone for your input!