Is this going to be a record ?


£62,100..I would say so for a KVA!

Worrying description: "I sourced a complete set of new old stock KVA suspension arms which I had stripped and nickel plated"

What did Ian Anderson call them?

Oh yes, "Dockyard Derricks" :laugh:

Looks a nice car though and what a price! Hope he gets paid - you know what EvilBay can be like...:shifty:
I was more concerned about the 'I puchased it part built with a historic plate' comment. No mention of an SVA or IVA???

Has anybody checked what's on the V5?
If I was a bidder the first time round I would not bid again on principle. Its different if it had a reserve on it but this did not and if the winning bidder dropped out it should have gone to the next highest.

I think this was on ebay originally with a classified ad price of £95K! I too think that's very steep for (in his own words) a kit car and a KVA at that. I was watching the auction and there definitely was a winning bid of £62K ish so why it's relisted is not clear, There is no mention of relisting on the current auction. One of the things the seller seems to be pushing hard is the fact that all the decals are painted on not stuck on, but surely the originals would have been stick on decals as they were changed with changing sponsors, so in fact painted on is less true to the original than applying replica stickers, yet this seems to be the base for asking so much for this car. Interesting if he gets it though as it could push up the market value for every other replica.
Dear Colonel Mustard ........ I like the way your talking. As the owner of a much admired MDA based car if you would kindly send me £495,000 in a brown envelope then it will be a pleasure to do business with you.
As a serious aside ..... last Saturday at the Silverstone Classic a guy spent a long time looking at my car and chatting and said he was amazed at how much is asked for a restored E-Type Jaguar now (upwards of £90K to £140K) and said he thought our GT40's were much more desirable. He then asked would I let it go if he offered me a figure heading in that direction. I declined ..... but if you look around at the moment in the UK there are a number of cars on the market up around the £60-70K mark. Not completely unrealistic when you consider the parts cost alone to build a good car.
Also, remember a GTD sold for over £80K at Goodwood a couple of years ago.


It's a whole new ball game. The UK was always quite laid back regarding replica resale prices, I think builders were just happy to achieve their dream car and they never seemed concerned about the cash.

There's a lot more money around these days and many more 'mug' punters with a big wad, so it's all to play for especially when there's heightened interest in classic cars, driven, I guess by the blandness of modern offerings.

Hope it lasts and the 'component' car industry thrives without the dreaded EU getting their mits on it as they have in almost every other European country.

:idea: That's why there are thousands trying to rush the tunnel!


It's still crazy money but a lot of Brit '40 replica owners are keeping a very close eye on this auction! :laugh:
Bob I think there will be massive difference in value between a Bugatti or RR replica which is probably identical in every way to the original and a GT40 silhouette. Aside of a few that have painstakingly re created an original the rest of use are running about in a spaceframe racer that only resembles the original. A friend of mine was offered north of 60K for his 40 just as we finished it and he now regrets not taking it, subsequent attempts at selling it have failed to get past the 40K minimum he will take for it.

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If proof were ever needed of the appeal of a GT40 to both car fans and the general public ........ yesterday we took our car to a local show just for the fun of taking part. The show had a fantastic display of cars and commercial vehicles and we were very impressed by the line ups. To our surprise the organisers said they were going to award some trophy's and handed out voting forms to the exhibitors and the visiting public. To our amazement the exhibitors voted our MDA as being the Best Sports Car at the show and the public voted it as overall Best Car at the show. I felt very humble going up to collect the prizes. The ensuing conversations/enquiries about the cars value indicated that people expected it to be between £50K - £100K.
Maybe I should ring the folk at Bonhams quickly !!!!!!!!