It's Official - New GT

Larry L.

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How can a twin turbo 3.5 litre V6 producing 600 hp be possibly labeled as "Politically Correct?" :huh:
'Two reasons:
1: stereotypically, V6 engines are all gas-sipping, 'greenie' engines used to power family 'grocery getter' sedans in an economical, Earth-friendly, responsible fashion.
2: V8s, V10s and V12's are all gas hog MONSTER MOTORS that produce irresponsible, totally unnecessary amounts of h.p. ...a by-product of which is excessive Co2 emissions, etc., that pollute the air and contribute to 'global warming'/'climate change' to such a degree that they're just totally unacceptable.


'Hope that helps! :D
This car will advance the art, no doubt. It's just that "Ecoboost" with the little green leaf logo is so ... weeny. But Ford has just filed a trademark application for "Ecobeast", and filed a patent application on a revised six cylinder engine, so I think there is more, much more, to come. And the smaller displacement is required at LeMans anyway. Maybe we should start a contest on "base sticker price" before options and "dealer prep." I'll say under $300K, so say $259,999.
Great looking car IMHO especially at the rear. As for the engine.....Turbo'ed V6 doesn't get my motor running (pun intended!) but its probably the future so we'd better get use to it. The smaller motor makes me think of the Jag XJ220...started off with a V12 I think then backed off to a V6 and lost some (lots!) of panache.

Because of the engine I'm going for 189-200K but no more and could be less.
Last month when the story breakout I said it could be a V6 and everybody did not like the idea. I think the Lemans trim will be 600HP but the street version could lower. The price could be below 200K. More than that will be hard to sell against other supercars (Ferrari, Lambo, McLaren etc). The looks are great and I hope to see nice super models with tiny shirts trying to get in.


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Will be interesting to see if GM follows through with a mid engine Vette. I would guess Ford would have to be in the same price range with a car that might still have a V8. The Mac is only 3.8 liter but is still a V8. Hopefully, Ford can get it sounding good because most V6s don't exactly produce a pleasing sound.
I like it - A LOT!
Stunned that Ford had the resources to set aside toward such a niche market.
The use of such a attention getting vehicle to highlight the Eco-boost technology is a great opportunity for motorheads. They could have spent that money on TV commercials.
Perhaps now the GT market will settle down and those cars prices can come back down to earth.
Perhaps now the GT market will settle down and those cars prices can come back down to earth.
I think that ship sailed. This new GT will only fuel the 05-06 price point. As so many of the 05-06 GTs have "issues" there will continue to be a strong resale market for collector quality vehicles. That said, screw collecting! Drive 'em!!!!
Ive just heard we are looking more towards $600,000....
Its a new car and anew following, again wish them well.
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Ive just heard we are looking more towards $600,000....
Its a new car and anew following
A new following of who? Gen Y does not care much about cars and those older gentlemen with money to afford will turn their noses up at a V6. FGTs are great buys at $150K. Even the new one...

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I'll believe it when I see it...

It is a beautiful car - make no mistake... But then so was the GT90!!! :lipsrsealed:
It's kind of funny in a way - the new GT is the corvette GM engineering would love to build. It's reassuring to see the big guy's going at each other like this.
Not awful but I, personally, can't get too excited about it. Too many angles and body lines, especially at the rear where unneeded space/cavities is/are present. Mostly it's the side view where it appears the back half of one car has partially swallowed the front half of another. Individual taste to be sure but I think they could have made it less 'busy' looking and avoided the current trend of excessive, sharp body lines.
I think it will be $250-$300K from Ford but no telling how much the dealers will mark them up, as production will be limited and it is a global car so will be offered for sale in Europe and and other countries....... I also love it and can only add more interest to the GT40 cars overall and with limited available watch the replicas continue to go up.
What is the cost diferential between the twin-turbo 3.5L and the 5.0 Voodoo motor?

Any chance there could be a fall back configuration with a few different specs to keep it below the $200k level?