IVA assistance, how are reconditioned engines viewed...?

HI Guys,
Looking to UK members for some assistance.
Wanting to bring in a car from overseas into the UK........Its a Brand new build 40 and I'm trying to avoid a Q plate following I hope a successful IVA examination....
My understanding is that a car that is built from brand new parts if it passes an IVA test will be granted a new 2020 registration doc. However a car presented built of new and used parts will be granted a Q plate if successful. My question is........ if the entire car is brand new but the engine is an old reconditioned Ford block and Audi used Gearbox does this constitute enough "used parts" to mean a Q plate is inevitable.........??
Essentially I am trying to avoid a Q and trying to see where the rules go.........most Ford blocks are reconditioned or remanufactured so maybe reconditioned is good enough to equal new in the eyes of the IVA testers....??
Maybe there is a % of used or reconditioned parts acceptable for a new plate to be granted....??
I am sure there must be some rules on the government site but struggling to find so I wondered if any of you lovely GT40'ers had anything to advise.
Thanks in advance.
If you are going for new 2020 reg . You are allowed one used recon part . And you have to have proof of newness of parts used on the build ... If going age related you will need a logbook to prove age of used parts ; If you cannot prove age of parts you will get a Q plate . I hope this helps Marcus ... Im sure someone will be along to explain in more detail ...
Thanks John.......Am knee deep in gov doc's this afternoon but yup looks like I can use one reconditioned "as new" part (provided I can prove recond in writing) so I can get by with an older 302 block that will only be subject to a basic non cat emissions test....... problem then I guess it the gearbox....might have to pass this off as new....!!! could be a little tricky....will have to check carefully to see if there are obvious part numbers....then fingers crossed they don't ask for a full set of receipts for each major car component part.............Just not sure how much detail they go into re this.....:p
I had to send some receipts and photos of the build . I also had a cert of newness from Tornado and i git a new reg 18 plate .I had a 302 rebuilt for my 40 didnt need cats fitted Visual check at IVA ..

Ian Anderson

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When I went through SVA which was before IVA they wanted receipts for all major parts. Chassis, body, engine, box, brakes etc. They stamped the receipts and returned them with a 06 registration plate.

i had a pile of about 5 inches of receipts, for bolts, riveto, fuel and water pipes, radiator etc they were not interested in them!

if it is a new build did it come with any paperwork? Presumably they will have some dovumentation they may pass on they will avoid a Q

Thanks guys.... John how did they look at your gearbox.... I presume this was a recond unit....?...do they treat the gearbox as part of the drivetrain and therfore "one unit"...??



When mine was IVA'd I sent off a selection of photocopied receipts with the paperwork, for the main parts as I have a receipt for 99% of everything nuts bolts etc used in the build.

You were allowed one used item which in my case was the engine block, I had a receipt for my gearbox on the suppliers headed notepaper stating it was New Old Stock.

I suspect Mike will have sent you some very useful information regarding these and other points as well