IVA towing device


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Just spotted this hidden away in depths of the manual

The vehicle must have a suitable towing device on the front of the vehicle to
allow the attachment of a rigid towing bar.

I was going to fit one of these I assume it is not acceptable, what have you fitted?




Hi Nick,
On my RCR I fitted a threaded plate (seat belt mounting) on the floor of the front bay and screwed an eye on the inside (again seat belt type). If I need a tow I'll simply remove the eye, screw it in underneath and attach a tow rope. Probably not OK for a race/track day situation but fine for the odd road emergency and was OK for IVA last year.
Roger Allen
Where did you find this requirement? Section number? I have just gone through the IVA Manual for Vehicle Category M1, Revision 10, 03 Oct.'16. Did a word search for towing. Plenty of stuff for ball hitches on the back, if fitted, but nothing for the front.

I don't have anything on my car and it passed IVA in May '16. I am fitting a strap as in your post but its for convenience not compliance.
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Hi Nick,
I’m also bemused by this item, as it was never brought up when I did my IVA test, even though I’ve now got a removable front towing eye fitted. Can you provide a page or reference number
Good luck with your test