Jason's Coyote Powered RCR40 Downunder


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Very nice attention to detail. I'm not s fan of the big wheel look but yours has a nice stance and balanced appearance.
Thanks Guys. Mike I agree, 15's look awesome and the ride is probably more compliant too.

The only reason I went for the 17's was to fit the brakes, I wanted to work with large rotors and calipers to reduce pedal effort (no booster) and provide as fade free track braking as possible (thus all the brake cooling as well).


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It's clear your attention to detail is righteous. Why no cross over on the headers? How does it sound? Could you fit 16s on the front? Why no side windows?
Hi mike, 16's will require small brakes, the cross over costs too much in performance, primary's will be to long. It sounds really good without it, I cannot wait to share the videos. Side windows are not fitted as it's Australia and hot and I have not charged up the A/C. The side windows do look good though. Driving with open windows is great you hear so much!
Jason the gearbox issue.

If it can be simulated in the shop as you said, why dont you get it to happen then drop the cable off and try shifting it manually back at the box .
If it wont go into 4th then its the box, if it does go in then its a shifter issue.

Nice work by the way,you could tell it would be a stand out from the beginning.

Very impressive!!! Your going to have guys with "real" Ford GT's wanting to trade you for whats certainly a more beautiful and likely with a higher performance envelope automobile. Maybe more expensive by the fit and finish it exhibits.
Thanks for the positive comments. Unfortunately the time it can take to do this type of work is a little extreme. Then there is the issue that I get it and thrash the pants off it. It may not look this nice for too long!
I have had the car on the road and done some great mileage. I have noticed some noises on the front end. I finally tracked the noise (a sort of deep sounding squeak and sometimes a slight knock) to the lower heims. On the top ones when the bolt is tightened the mounting points flex a little and tighten up. On the lower billet ones there is no give so exactly the right amount of spacers are required. Many use washers but they are all the right thickness so its very hard to adjust the exact castor and get everything nipped up.

So I have had a set of stainless steel shims of differing thickness laser cut up so that I can get this right.

This allows perfect adjustment of the suspension with no play.

Guess what, now no noise!

I'm very happy. Also took the car to a show the other day. I was really happy talking to people about the car, especially kids they think its great. Seeing there face when you let them jump in is great.

It was a great car day, 1200 cars on show and mine won best sportscar so I was very happy. Thankfully Ford does not make many sportscars!
So - how did you track where the noise originated?
I have visions of a small person with a stethoscope riding up there.
I tracked where the noise was coming from with a large lever. With the suspension under load I leveraged parts of the suspension (with rags so as not to mark things) and it made the noise and I could see the small movement. Took a bit of time though. This is the challenge with suspension without rubber bushes etc, its hard to get everything tight.
Chris Ckouba just tracked down the same noise and source on his car, makes you wonder how many other RCR's are rattling along the roads with the same problem...
So the 4 bolts with the blue paint on them, hold a CNC’ed pocket to the inside of the chassis?
Might be a batch issue for that part?

Is a similar design used among other RCR models?

Yes it holds a CNC'd block, but its not a design or manufacturer issue, its a builder issue (me!). One simply needs to ensure the heim joint cannot move axially, pretty obvious now. Mine only had about 0.8mm clearance and it created the noise, so we are looking at small tolerances.
Guys keep building these cars. A good GT40 or similar cars on this forum are really popular at car meets. Kids especially think they are so cool. A short video of one I went to a few nights ago and also a few of the images taken for free! There is some real photography talent at these places.