Kaspa's scratch build GT40

Randy V

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My MIG skills far exceed my TIG skills (I'll be doing something about that soon)..
I have no issue using MIG rather than TIG for work like this as long as the heat along with wire size and speed are all dialed in - as it appears you've done..
Principle on which X- box is supposed to work. Plus a thought, assume your using a different bell housing with Leons stuff, looks like that starter night be fighting with CV as is.


Hi Jac, yeh the starter position was a bit of a worry but its all sorted and will clear a 930 CV by around 1/2 an inch.

cheers Kaspa
Hey John, Love the headers they look the goods I have run all into a single pipe on a couple of engines now and the sound is so much better than a twin system, you get a smooth note and not that popping note you can get from twin pipes so I'm guessing the X box gets the same result.
Jac, it's close but John gave me the specs last week and I can make it work with the extra spacer I have to use to match his B/H anyway.
That's not much of a flywheel is it !! that thing should really "snap" when you stand on the loud peddle.
John, I have sent you some photos but not sure if they went properly, let me know if they don't turn up.
You should see if they can just move the whole log to the WWK site then you don't have to start the whole thread again.

Cheers Leon
a bit of progress on Chassis no. 6 have finalized engine and gearbox mounting

Engine mounts are made localy and have a large Nolathane bush in the center with a 1/2"through bolt

certainly dosnt leave a lot of room up the front

And the biggest fluke of all the headers will fit.

but unfortunately unless i see a rather large cheque this engine wont be staying in there, it will be going back into the rear of the F5000.

cheers Kaspa