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I received my Kennedy Engineered Products adapter kit for the Audi 016 Transaxle last Friday. I had placed a call to them to get a status since Friday was the scheduled delivery date; they looked at the UPS site and said it was sitting beside my garage door. Now how is that for service!
Since receiving the kit I have completed a mock-up of the engine and transaxle and everything seems to fit up correctly and bolts together.
The workmanship is outstanding, all the fasteners and hardware come with the kit and the machine work is second to none. I am very pleased with the kit and the on-time delivery.
The flywheel and pressure plate are now at the machine shop with the engine rotating parts to get balanced and the adapter plate is at the powder coater to make it match the transaxle case.
I will post photos in a few weeks when the assembly is complete.
I have just recieved two KENNEDY ENGINEERING clutch pressure plates in the UK as replacements for the poor South African made units that came with the CAVs. I can say that the design and workmanship is first class, and well worth getting these parts made and sent half way round the world, Frank
These folks have been in business for a long time; 35+ years according to the Senior (Hobert) Kennedy. As a mechanical engineer, I was comfortable with how they resolved the engineering issues to meet both the processing and finished product requirements. The majority of their business is still with the VW/dune buggy stuff.


Lynn Larsen

Lynn Larsen
I first found Kennedy Engineered Products circa 1969 when I first got interested in "kit cars." In all of that time I have never heard a negative word about them or their products.

I agree with Frank about the quality. My flywheel was very close to a work of art!


Jim Rosenthal

You bet. These guys have been around forever and have a solid place in the California hotrod and dune buggy scene. I wish I needed something from them, I would have been happy to give them my business.


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The plate itself is half inch aluminium. As none of the threaded holes have inserts in them it is probably one of the aerospace alloy types. The plate also shows the stretch marks from the plate stretching process that gives these alloys their superior strength. This is just an educated guess on my part,(not a bad guess though since I have spent the last 20 years manufacturing aerospace hardware),as there are no "mill marks" on the plate.
It appears they have an NC program to cut these plates and that they cut them on an NC mill as there are no lay-out lines or marks on the plate. There are some visual indications of an NC mill doing a "circular interpolation" of the radius in the corners.
The flywheel is a steel three piece design that uses what appears to be an original ring gear pressed on the flywheel with a center section to fit the Ford crank pressed in then welded in place. The welding is some of the best I have ever seen and appears to be a machine weld. The flywheel comes with the locating pins in place and is balanced, (I still sent it out with the rest of the components to be balanced).