KVA "B" type chassis

Since from looking at the various pictures mine isn't an A and it's not a C so is this rear suspension set up a B? This chassis was sold by KVA to Sabre Automotive when those assets
KVA Rear.jpg
went to the USA
Till now, I got information, just 3 "B" 's are made by a British coachbuilder. All with Jaguar XJ uprights and suspension front & back.
Front & rearhubs are XJ as are the brakes.
Double rear shocks & springs as per XJ, up front it uses 1 rear shock assembly.
Driveshafts are Jaguar. Gearbox is Citroen DS with inboard brakes & XJ callipers and handbrake system.
The inboard brake disks act as an adapter between gearbox & driveshaft.
Chassis differs a bit between "A" & "C" type chassis.
It apeares I have one of the three "B" chassis made.