KVA "B" type chassis

Since from looking at the various pictures mine isn't an A and it's not a C so is this rear suspension set up a B? This chassis was sold by KVA to Sabre Automotive when those assets
KVA Rear.jpg
went to the USA
Till now, I got information, just 3 "B" 's are made by a British coachbuilder. All with Jaguar XJ uprights and suspension front & back.
Front & rearhubs are XJ as are the brakes.
Double rear shocks & springs as per XJ, up front it uses 1 rear shock assembly.
Driveshafts are Jaguar. Gearbox is Citroen DS with inboard brakes & XJ callipers and handbrake system.
The inboard brake disks act as an adapter between gearbox & driveshaft.
Chassis differs a bit between "A" & "C" type chassis.
It apeares I have one of the three "B" chassis made.

Ian Anderson

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One of 3 - that makes it a really rare version! I thought my DAX was rare being one of about 30 produced.

Jag brakes front and rear should help it stop well and should make it reasonably easy to source pads and discs

Apparently all 3 where build by Midland Car Restorations.
One of the members from here spoke to a retired employe at the NEC a few months ago. That fella did remember they had build the "B".
Paul recognised the details as in my chassis.

Howard Jones

I would love to see some more pictures of your car. I really enjoy seeing the evolution of our hobby from the early KVA days onward. Those were some real pioneers.