Le mans classic 2018

Paul Hendrickx

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Hello to all,
Some news from our newly appointed minister of interior affairs.....here in France
Collomb: l'externalisation des radars routiers sera expérimentée en Normandie avant d'être étendue..........
the mobile speed traps which where before only and exclusively the job of the (in) competent authorities(police-gendarmerie) is now open up to private companies with unmarked vehicles, and they will drive 8 hours/day to catch speedy drivers.

the experimental phase will be happening in Normandy in 2018, and for those who come from the UK with the ferry and their fast GT 40 ...... please dont give any extra money to this French government....

When i get more precise information , i will publish

In France you pay the ticket to the policeman. They had a book in every language and the penalty. Also radar detectors are not legal.

I am returning today from Italy and every year I get several tickets thru the mail since Hertz provides all my information. Lets see how many this year.
When you come here, use a coyote or Waze, they are very useful tools !!

To avoid mobile trap never drive on motorways or major roads, only drive on small roads which are very nice with GT40 or Cobra (plenty of curves, cross of beautiful typical villages, nice restaurants,...). Of course it's longer but you keep your money and discover nice places that you won't find on motorways !!!

It's getting more and more difficult to drive in this country whereas we have so many perfect roads for GT40 !!