Le Mans Classic & New French Breathaliser Laws

Just a heads-up for you guys driving over in France from now on, especially for the LM Classic as the new french breathaliser laws are now in place whereby the driver of each car is required to carry a self/breathaliser kit in the car at all times.

The recommendation is to carry at least 2 kits in the car so that you will always have one spare unused kit if you have tested yourself at any time.

Disposable kits are cheap to buy and can be obtained from ferry ports and some service stations so it is worth the investment to avoid the Police fines if you are caught without a kit.

And do not forget your compulsory warning traingles and Hi-Viz jackets

Safe journey. and KEEP TO THE SPEED LIMITS as french Police are virtually impossible to reason with so the last thing you will want if to have your driving permit confiscated otherwise you will need to attend a french court and are likely to have to pay a huge fine before you can recover it.


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Wow! Happy to live in the USA where we still have some freedom for now at least. Are you also required to have your mum in the back seat making sure you don't misbehave :)

Please guys take lots of video and pictures if the LMC! Really looking forward to them!
Slight thread drift, but the list of drivers and cars doing the track laps at 2200hrs on the Friday evening has been published and may be viewed shortly in the Members Area of the Club website. There will be a mandatory briefing and signing of indemnity forms at 1900hrs in the Club paddock, where your car should also be.
If you haven't got 1 Le Mans circuit entry ticket per person and 1 pass to the GT40 Enthusiasts Club paddock per car, don't expect to get them at the gate. The French aren't like that and will turn you away. Instead, contact Debbie Woolfe at Grandstand Motor Sports or phone on 0845 375 0302 without delay.
Jeez. The last time I drove in France (couple years ago) I rented an S-class mercedes and drove the crap out of it from Paris to Nice on the nearest major autostrada. My wife was drinking red wine much of the time from the passenger seat, and I had some as well. Average speed must have been around 180kph, with lots of 200+kph stints. Never saw one single police car. Maybe I got busted by a speed camera or two (or more) but Europecar got stuck with that I guess. Best money I ever spent on a rental. Rear tires were just about toast.

Guess I'm just an irresponsible American. I'd never buy a rental car......
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