Le Mans Classic- Sunday /Evening Meal at The Hotel De France

I have organised an evening meal on behalf of the club on Sunday 8th July 2018 at the Hotel De France starting at 19:00-19:30 hours. The two course meal costs E50.00 with a guest speaker giving us a talk about his involvement with Formula 2 motoracing in the 1960s, culminating in his involvement with the Gulf Racing Team and their GT40s in 1968.

I have no personal interest with the organisers, Classic GT, so please email them at [email protected] if you wish to attend, stating in your subject line "Le Mans Classic Evening Meal" and giving your name and the names of any guests.

This is open to GT40EC members and their guests. I have enjoyed previous meals on the Sunday evening at the Hotel De France following the racing and can thoroughly recommend it. I am led to believe there are under 20 remaining spaces, so book early to prevent disappointment.

As I said, I've done this for the benefit of the club and with the authority of the previous GT40EC chairman.

Payment is on the day, so please contact Classic Grand Touring, not me.

Best regards.. Andrew
You say authority of the “previous Chairman”

Not sure what you are alluding to here BUT THERE IS NO previous Chairman!
John Cleland is our Chairman and remains so for the foreseeable future.

He is overseeing one of the most difficult Committee Restructurings and doing a GREAT JOB.

Do not try to spread falsehoods.
The last I heard from John Cleland was that he did not intend to be chairm following the AGM. I have email proof if necessary. That is why I used the termanology Paul. Apologies, but I have read nowhere about who is on or off the committee and presumed incorrectly there was a new chairman. Perhaps if an email had gone around to all members informing them immediately of the new committee structure, then we all be better informed. I'm sincerely sorry if I've upset anyone, but all I'm trying to do with this meal is help provide a service for the club members who attend the LMCthis year with no financial or personal benefit to me. I wish the new committee all the best and continue to offer my support wherever I can help.