Leather sill matts

I'm thinking of making some sill matts that will be debossed with the GT40 logo. You guys know, the matts on the top of the tanks that you step on to get in. They will be leather and the debossing will have the raised areas filled so the stay hard and don't lose the shape. I just thought I'd throw it out there and see if anyone else may be intrested, and if so is there aything besided the GT40 logo that you'd like to see on them. One final note the images will all need to be the same so no names or nicknames. Just a thought I haven't looked into the costs yet but I know they can be done at a reasonable price.
Ok I will check on different color but I may just have to go with black. I'm still just getting an idea if anyone would be intrested before I have the dies made.
Anyone have a suggestion for the layout? Or should I just go with the Ford GT logo?
One last question. What are the sizes of your sills. I'm sure they are all about the same but I just would like these to work for everyone. I'll try to have pricing and production times by the end of next week.


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I'm also interested in. Black is fine w/ me. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

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I have seen some of John's work first hand, his clocks, sill towels and everything is realy FIRST class. He delivers on budget and on time and I am happy to give him my highest support.

Good luck with the venture, Chris will contact you when he gets back to work,

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Count me in as well. Black suits me and the logo sounds good as well. There should be no issues for me with sill sizes. I have an RF40 as well.


Does any one know what size the smallest sills are.
As I mentioned I want these to work for everyone.
John, I got out the measuring tape for you on my GT40 Australia(DRB).

Sills are 200mm wide, that's measured from pinch moulding to where they start to curve off on the inside edge.

They are 800mm long, measured from front door opening edge to rear door opening edge. After the front door opening edge they obviously taper off.

So would need to be smaller than these measurements. Hope this helps. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

If you are interested in shipping to Aus, I would be interested. I wonder what the customs requirements are for leather.

Black is fine. My preference would be for something with "Ford GT" in it, rather than something with "GT40" in it.
Will you be using the steering wheel GT40 logo for the die?

Once you have the die made up, have you considered making other leather accessories? I'm not looking, but I wonder if there might be a market for handbags, baseball caps, wallets, ... ?
Will you be using the steering wheel GT40 logo for the die?

[/ QUOTE ]

Just trying to think what that would look like? Might be a good way to go. I think a lot run that logo on our steering wheels.
OK now that I see there will be an interest. I will get them started. Thanks for all the input. Yes I can and will ship the mats anywhere as always. I will try to attach a picture with a few ideas of layouts, let me know what you like and if they are along the right lines. The gray represents the raised areas.
Ben been there done that. It kind of all started because I wanted a jacket and couldn't find one so since this is what I do for a living I thought I would make some. Since others liked the stuff I was glad to make enough for everyone. Except the crystals I didn't even get to keep one of those.
I'll be back with more info very soon.