Lift kit problems

I am using Ramlift pro lift kit front and back. Rear is ok. But on the front i am having problems achieving correct ride height. I have even fitted 3 inch springs to try and get the ride height low enough (about 4.5 inches) but can‘t get any lower than 5.3 inches ride height with it wound all way down. Not really an option to go even shorter on springs as will compromise handling (in fact i think 3 inch springs are too short to give good road manners but i wanted to experiment). Another issue i realised today after fitting the short (3 inch) springs is that when i try to compress them by leaning on the chassis they do not compress even a mm. feels like the whole shock is locked out ....... any ideas.....?
would greatly appreciate any constructive advice....
Why don't you check these Xxxxxspammerxxxxxxxxx? These lift kits are developed for the years 2003-2014 for Ram 2500 and 3500. They are both cheap lift kits and easy to install.
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Dave Hood

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Takis. I've had the RamLift system installed on my front for about 7 years now. I also swapped out the stock SPF springs for shorter ones. The system seems to work on and off, and I've never been thrilled with it. I've managed fine without the lift system working. I just drive at an angle when approaching any high curb, speed bump, etc. Never had a problem. But maybe your local area has more steep inclines.
It's unlikely that the lift system itself is causing lack of movement (what spring rate are you using). A 3" spring will give minimum compression travel before coil bind sets in, I'd guess as little as 1" of actual shock travel before going 'solid'. Perhaps the spring is coil bound (bottomed out) just by sitting the car on the ground?

You might be able to find this distance to coil bind data on the spring makers web site.

Let us know what you find out.