LMC 2022

Ian Anderson

Lifetime Supporter
How many GT40’s made it there this year with the club?

I believe my record of 65 in 2010 when I organised the event and the first half hour evening session is still a record!



Ian, I guess that Belinda is the person who knows best. There were quite some GT40s at the Bugatti circuit, coming and going all the time.
Was a shame I can't do the walk until the Bugatti club lane to watch at all of you !!!! :rolleyes:;)
being really very busy on speaker tower !!!!:p
Next year may be if I get the outside microphone and some scooter to jump there quickly for some interiews before runs:) !!!!
Remember ; to commemorate 100th anniversary Le Mans race creation ( 1923 ) LMC will take place again some weeks after the full race !!!!!



to Belinda and the club officials: I‘ve heared from Travel Destinations that there are plans for exclusive laps at LMC2023? I am for sure interested. Have a good 2023, Udo