Lola MK6 GT - care to lend me a spare £200k?l


Fantastic car and history with the most expensive MKI Cortina rear lights in the world! :D

Rob, we could start a collection if you like...;)
That car was owned for a number of years by our race team. It was purchased in pieces and reconstruction nearly completed at time of sale. The main reason for the sale was the fact that we kept trying to put the distributor in the wrong end of the engine! Never could figure that one out...
In a garage full of fords it just didn't fit in. So it was traded to a friend for one of the current cars in the garage. The Pacesetter Lotus 19B. Built by Lotus as the only factory built V8 '19' for Dan Gurney and more importantly, a beautiful blue lump.
<< I'll get it for you need to mess with replicas >>

Thanks for the kind offer Michael. I look forward to seeing it on my driveway!

Best regards.

PS dfreeman95 - interesting story. Did your team buy the car from John Mecom?
No, we did not purchase it from Mecom directly. It was purchased from a Larry Crawson and I believe that we are the party that is accounted for by the George Barris period. He is from Roseville Ca. also and had a shop here so that may have led to the confusion. I can confirm the damage described in the bonhams ad. It had a crushed left front and the top of the left door was missing. We had the tub rebuilt and were in the process of completing it at time of sale. There was even a drive to Michigan I believe to secure an original windshield from a guy that would not ship it but gave it to us if we were willing to drive! It was then traded to a friend named Wayne L. for the mentioned Lotus. Which he had recovered from a guy that was going to make it into a dunebuggy! I believe that he is the party that sold it to Kaus as he fielded calls from him for years.
Hope this makes for a bit of interesting history.


Well, there you are Ron, 2 cockpit pics to choose from, and what about the description: "mouth-wateringly beautiful" eh? :coolgleam: