Lola T70 MK IIIb replica for sale *SOLD*

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Well after (8) years I'm forced to admit that I'm not going to finish my Lola.
Changes in priorities, health,etc have made it the right decision for me to sell and move on.

It's a space frame replica I bought from Fran Hall in 2004, before he formed RCR and started selling his aluminum tubs. To the best of my knowledge, the body is the same one Fran provides today in his Lola kits. I'm sure Fran will advise if that's not accurate.

Fran provided the body, frame, floor, windshield, fuel tanks, and rear suspension.
I added the paneling, front suspension, steering, and brakes as seen in the photos.
Drivetrain is rather basic...350 chevy, Kennedy adapter, 016 trans, Corvette half shafts.
I won't list everything I have in the post. I'll send a list to interested parties.
Price is $ 34,500.


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Brian Kissel

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Re: Lola T70 MK IIIb replica for sale

Sorry to hear you are selling Mike. I have some pictures of it when it was still at Frans. Your family and your health are the most important things. Take care of those, and the rest will fall into place.
Good luck with your sale.
Regards Brian
Re: Lola T70 MK IIIb replica for sale

Hi Mike,

couldn´t say it any better than Brian...all the best for you and your family.

Re: Lola T70 MK IIIb replica for sale

Someone asked if I'd sell the Lola less engine/trans.
The answer is yes, but it's not a large deduct.
The beauty of the 350 Chevy and Audi trans is they are cheap and readily available.
Between the engine, trans, Kennedy stuff, headers, and axles I spent about $ 8,000.
So if someone wants the Lola less those parts I'd sell it for $ 26,000.
Re: Lola T70 MK IIIb replica for sale

MIKE, have a couple of ouestions........ history of lola? dash componets? headlights and wiring ? where are you located? chassis is completed? best regards domenic
Re: Lola T70 MK IIIb replica for sale

MIKE, how is interior ventilation accomplished? i just saw your auction on e-bay. regards domenic
Re: Lola T70 MK IIIb replica for sale

Hi Domenic
If you are in SE PA call me to set up a visit...610-588-7319.
I'm an hour north of Philly.
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