Lola T70 MK3b Bodywork - Suppliers ??


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I am thinking about starting up a new project later this year.
This time around I will do a lot of the research work beforehand but I would appreciate an early recommendation as to who can supply accurate series 3b bodywork in Europe.
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I have some friends here in south of France who have the molds for producing bodyworks for all Lola T70, T280/290, etc, including the Mk3b.

If you need, PM me, I'll give you their contact details.
I'll second the folks at TW Mouldings. They provided me with nose badges and replacement headlight covers (the ones from RCR were useless).

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that unusual because our headlight cover supplier makes them for the Lola continuation cars and also supplies Mac Mclendon too.
hi i have the center body from gtd i am missing the rear and front end . I've heard that
the moulding mk 3 b clive robinson have.Can be someone from you say Who has the moulding now?
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Original front and rear sections are easily ordered from Tony at TWM, BUT ..... you may have to do some "cutting and shutting" as GTD moulds have differences.
The only manufacturer of the genuine (from original moulds) Lola T70 Mk3b, is TWM at Ellington, nr Huntingdon in UK. I see Tony Waterman fairly regularly and his standards are OUTSTANDING. He ships worldwide.

Always busy, him, his son and co-workers can mould a replacement section or whole panel to perfection, and he has supplied me with several sections to repair my car.
ja das sind deine hauben der unterschied zu tw ist doch groß allerdings weis ich nicht ob deine hauben wirklich vom tw geferigt worden sind.ob man das anpassen kann ?nur mit viel arbeit gruß meinolf
Wie willst Du denn den Unterschied zu TW wissen, wenn Du meine Hauben an deinen GTD Center Body hälst?
Selbst wenn es viel Nacharbeit wäre, macht mir das bei dem vielen Aufwand auch nichts mehr aus.
das ist es ja, man kann kein ( nur mit viel aufwand) gtd body mit teile von tw verbinden.diese sind einfach dann doch zu unterschiedlich .deshalb bin ich ja auf der suche nach der gtd form.nach meinen informationen hat erst die form derek bell dann clive robinson besessen. frage wer hat diese form heute in der garage rumliegen?
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