Looking for pictures of a full rollcage

My plan is to build a circuit gt40 and look for ideas to build a full rollcage
Can not find so many on the internet

Ian Anderson

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read the articleS written by Frank.

read the articleS written by Frank.
I'm not driving a racecar on a track without helmet and padding
Read Frank Catts articles, then go find a GT40 , sit in it and look at where the bars are going to go, then work out how & where the safety harness is going to be and how much your body parts are going to move around in a 'BIG' off.
Getting in and out in a GT40 is not easy but in this case you have to be very flexible to climb in and out here.
In case of an emergency I doubt you get out quick enough, otherwise I won´t think the emergency services will get you out quick enough also.

Don´t forget, your fuel tanks are sitting right next to you on each side. Those fuel tanks make you want to get out as quick as possible if you can or with help from the emergency services...
Fuel tank is moving to an other place
And do not place the cross tubing so high as seen on the last picture