Louvered Panel Over Exhaust

Does anyone have the louvered panel that covers the exhaust area for sale, used or new? Also looking for "Ford GT" side stripes in white.



George (Kustom Metal Works) sells these.
He should be making a run of these soon.

Mark-I have never seen a "kit" for the sill stripes. I have black and white "FORD" vinyl decals of the correct size and shape. The stripes are 1/2" and 1-1/2" wide vinyl tape, with 1/2" spacing between the stripes. I am not aware of any "FORD GT" decals available, although there may be a kit car maker who has had some of these produced. If you would be interested in a set of the "FORD" decals, email me. Jack
If you still need stripes let me know cutting them is no problem at all. I have a buddy in the sign buisness and a set of stripes to go off of. E-mail me or call and I'll get you a price.
It's the least I can do after you made me those beautiful lense covers.

Ron Earp

RF also has the complete decal, Ford, stripes all in one. They have the covers and louvers you need too. Very well made and available in aluminum and stainless as far as I know. Robert Logan posts on the board frequently, just drop him an email or post.


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quote:Originally posted by GT40Graham:
I can supply an original top louvre and can supply the two rear ones as original ie with different sized louvres on the outer edges.


I am also looking for a top louvre for the rear clip (top only). The hole in the top of the rear clip on my RF40 is 455mm by 302mm, which is about 1' 6" by 1' if you prefer imperial measurements.

I have been told that most of the kits have similar size holes here but I have been caught out too many times to assume anything these days.

Also, what material can these be made from. I have a mild preference for stainless steel.


John Lind

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Email me with your results on this rear louver search.

Have fun!


Audi 016 with a Boss 351...I like that thought!
The originals, which I have, were made of aluminium. The measurements seem to be correct but I will double-check them. If you really do prefer stainless steel, then there isn't much point in going for an original as authenticity obviously isn't an issue here.
Originality is not my primary concern when it comes to materials but the stainless thing is only a mild preference because it will need less polishing, that's all. I can live with aluminium as well.