Lower Front N/S Light Cover

Hi chaps, can you help? My lower perspex (or whatever it's made of) cover has been shattered. In case of doubt this is the one that covers the side light and indicator on the right hand side if you were stood in front of the car . Where can I find a replacement or get one fabricated?
Looking forward to your wisdom as ever :)

David Morton

Lifetime Supporter
Its Polycarbon/Lexan type plastic and it's not a double curvature so its quite easy to use the existing as a pattern and make a pair (or more). Have a word with Peninsula Plastics on 0845 643 0364 and try and scrounge a piece small enough to cover the two and ask them how best to form it with a single curve. I've heard of using hot water, her oven, space heaters and all sorts of other heaters but peninsula will know the best way. As Ian says though, people like Roy might have them on the shelf.