Marauder lola

Lots have happened since I first posted this topic. I had just acquired a Maruder chassis and a Lola body.The rear clam was from Marauder I believe.The front clam center tub and doors are by Mac Mclendon in Fl Got my windshield lights door hinges and latches and windshield hoop from Mac(Great guy).Sold the marauder chassis to a friend with a marauder body and went with an Active power frame using c6 suspension and brakes. Car is now just about complete.Just need to hook up battery,bolt on exhaust and bolt the body on. Im sure there will be quite a few fun little details. Always something
Very interested in seeing the chassis pics myself. If you need you can send one of us the pics in an email and we'll get them posted.

I can send via email Just PM me an address and we will go from there.By the way Im very happy with the active power chassis.