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Gosh its Nov 7th 2019 when these cars were last out of the shed, The McLaren was on its final test drive for road cert rego when the computer crapped out. Covid came along and we really did not know what the outcome was going to be so it all got parked up. As some of you will know, personaly, ` a lot has passed` and I am just now getting my interest back into the shed and onto the cars. I hope we will have the Mclaren computer sorted when my `guru` changes it from MAP sensor to TPS where we will have much greater adjustability. I think when I do the noise check again, I will place a foam box over the Throttle bodies as they do make a racket. Then its off for a drive and hopefully some rego plates.
The Formula Junior has been to a couple of car shows and is all done and ready to go for a blat.
Life is slowly starting to take on a new shape, not sure what I want to do so just plodding along until the right opportunity presents itself. I have just ordered a low height car hoist so that I can stack my cars and have some work space free for what ever. Dont think I want to build a complete car but think I am keen to do a chassis or something similar.
Cheers Russell
Well another year has gone by with bugger all progress.. As previously reported the computer ? crapped out on its test drive and COVID Plus life has got in the way. I have not been happy with this MICROTECH computer from day one as it`s very hard to work / program. I am sick of waiting for experts to solve what should be simple stuff and no one in Auckland wants a bar of it set up on a V8. SO, I am thinking of replacing it with a MEGASQUIRT Brand MICROSQUIRT MS2 ECU. Does anyone have experience with these units. From what I have heard they are very simple to install and set up , so before I get rash...what say ye.


I'm a big fan of Megasquirt.
I have MS2 on my Cobra and 71 vette and will have MS3 on the GT40 I've yet to get.

Microsquirt IS a MS2 but with a little less space for flexible add ons.

The MS2 code has a nice Alpha-N speed density hybrid fueling algorithm and it works well on the vette with the 383 crate and chinese 8 stack.


Let me add...

One downside to Megasquirt is that it's hard to find someone to tune it. The problem is MS's low cost leads to a lot of ... how to say this nicely... underfunded kids with no real understanding of electronic best practices doing absolute hack job installs. The biggest challenge is getting the crank/cam position sensors up and running and reading reliably with no sync errors. These hack installs and the D37 connector has turned most of the tuner community off from megasquirt. None of this is an issue if the box is mounted in the cabin where it should be anyway.

But then again, with $200 worth of tuner studio software and a little understanding, you can get a really good tune yourself with the VE autotune and datalogging. They can generate a nice histogram that is used to correct tables and show you the trouble spots.

I also have MS2 on a generator I'm building that is powered by a Nissan MR18 JDM engine from a Wingroad.
I'll add my two cents, which may actually be worth considerably less but...unless you can ID a builder with a great pedigree who is offering a new system as a loss leader, you're going to get what you paid for. The market has matured enough that there aren't too many outliers in quality/cost. Especially with an 8 stack, I think it pays to use a system that has good hardware/interfaces, good support, and a track record of delivering with that type of intake.
Thanks for the comments, my biggest hurdle to change would be dropping the crank pulley to remove 1 tooth off the sensor wheel. Space is confined to say the least.
Well I have solved all my computer hassles with my Macca! I SOLD IT !
Just did not have my heart in it so I decided to move it on to someone who was up for it. Funnily enough it went to a bloke who 3 years ago was in quite detailed negotiations for me to build one for him. That all fell over when my late wife got really sick. So i am rapped to say that it`s gone to a good will share space with a GT40,, a SAKER GT and a MCLAREN M6GT. it was a happy sale for both parties. Its been a long road since 2005 with 6 cars built, 3 Mclaren`s, 2 lotus 7 wide bodies and a FORMULA JUNIOR Replica which I have kept. Looking for a driving project now as trying to find a new house with parking for 6 cars, a 7mtr motorhome all on one level is challenging. I will still have a workshop but not to the same degree as before. Thanks to all who have helped me over the years, I have learnt a lot.

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Congratulations Russell…. I hope the new owner will drop in and introduce himself and that you keep coming around as well!