MDA Hartwell Latches/ Demister Grill

Thanks Brian,
I sent them an email from their web site. Any other way to get in touch with him.

Hi Carman,

You could try +44 1489 788 345 or if you don't get a response I could always give him a call for you, he sends parts all over the world so if they are in stock it should not be a problem.
I talked to Mick at Southern GT and he cant get them anymore.
love to have originals but cost is high. good reproductions are acceptable for me.
I just received latches I purchased from Fran at RCR. After a few weeks of research and looking around I have to tell you they look great. Very well made and the look I wanted.
Thanks Fran and thanks to those who replied to this post. Your help was much appreciated.

Does anyone know where I can purchase reproduction Hartwell latches or a nice alternative? I understand originals are hard to find and very expensive. Thanks