Michael's GT-R Build

Michael Hampson

Then, a longer project. I didn't know if I could get fog lamp lenses, so I planned ahead. Before I cut out the lens holes, I made a mold of the area with fiberglass, which created a reverse image. I don't know why I didn't just use the plugs I cut out to make the holes, but I do remember cutting up the plugs pretty bad as I cut them out. Anyway, I then made positive images from the negatives, cleaned and sanded them, including gel coating and finish sanding, then thermoformed a few lenses. I must say they turned out terrific. I can make more if anyone is interested. However, they are a pretty specific size, so you'd need to cut the holes using the lenses as templates to make them perfect. I used H's fog lamp buckets.

Reverse-image molds:
2021-07-10 13.28.41.jpg

Making a positive image mold from the negatives:

2021-07-18 10.09.49.jpg

Positive images getting cleaned up:
2021-07-25 09.40.20.jpg

Gel coated and ready for final sanding and hot plastic:
2021-08-08 11.42.26.jpg

Professional drape thermoforming setup:
2021-08-16 14.28.58.jpg

Finished product turned out perfect. How in the hell do you take a photo of something clear?!??
2021-08-16 21.32.20.jpg

2021-08-16 21.32.44.jpg

Michael Hampson

Made the doodads that anchor the top of the door to the body. Don't know what those are called...

Anyway, didn't think I would be able to find the real thing. I realized later after looking at photos that I was supposed to put three mounting holes in it instead of just two. I'll probably leave as-is unless I decide later to fill and re-drill.

Anyway, I thought they turned out pretty good for a hack machinist.

2021-08-26 13.12.21.jpg
2021-08-26 14.58.29.jpg
2021-08-27 08.13.45.jpg

Michael Hampson

Hi guys!

Just thought I'd send out an update real quick. I have made the headliner and installed it, and am working on the a-pillar covers now. Should be done this week.

2021-10-23 15.54.34.jpg
2021-10-24 10.56.02.jpg

Randy V

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Really nice workmanship!
I highly encourage you and anyone else with a roll cage to consider purchasing high density SFI spec foam padding for the areas you may come in contact with in the interior. We’ve lost at least one other member to head injury / years long coma / death due to contact with the cage in a violent crash.
We want to keep you good folks around!