Micks New Workshop

Its taken about 10 yrs to get my workshop finished. Ive added a TIG welder, and a steel rack, next to the saw since I took these pics

I have access to, A Lathe, Milling Machine, Mandrel Tube Bender, Fly Press, Materials etc, at work, which is about 150 yds from where I live

Its taken a long time, but Ive finally got it finished




Thanks for the nice comments...ill try to keep it tidy, and organized, but as the build progreses space will get limited...

One thing I have done to keep it clean......... I have a bench just for deburring and grinding.

Where is the 40 ??????????........Well its in the early stages........

NEW CHASSIS 2 279.jpg NEW CHASSIS 2 285.jpg
NEW CHASSIS 2 288.jpg NEW CHASSIS 2 290.jpg